Privacy Policy

Protecting your personal data and building trust is very important to us. Bliss Hoi An Beach Resort & Wellness respects and is committed to keeping our customers' private information confidential. Please read the Privacy Policy below to better understand the commitments we make to respect and protect the rights of our visitors.

1. The purpose and scope of collection
the data collection is mainly on the company's website including: your full name, email, phone, address. This is the information that the company needs you to provide mandatory when submitting a booking and for the company to contact you to confirm with you on the website to ensure the rights of consumers.
You will be solely responsible for the security and retention of all services under the information you provide and your e-mail inbox. In addition, it is your responsibility to promptly notify the company's webiste of unauthorized use, abuse, security breaches, and retention of third-party registration names and passwords to take appropriate measures.

2. The scope of use of the information
provided by the Company to:
- Provide services and information through our website at the request of customers;
- Notifying the company's activities, providing information related to services and customer support;
- Use the information provided by customers to support customer management, identify the demographics of users to customize the website page to suit customers best;
- Register you to become a member of the Resort;
- Help you plan and book a room/service at the Resort;
- Email you about our promotions or special programs;
- Answer your questions or suggestions;
- Improve the quality of your visit to our website;
- Contact and resolve with you in special cases;
- Do not use your personal information other than for the purpose of confirmation and contact related to transactions at the company;
- At the request of judicial agencies including: Procuracies, courts, police agencies investigating in connection with certain violations of law by you.

3. The storage time of your Personal
Data information will be stored until requested by the management board to cancel. The rest in any case your personal information will be secured on the company's servers.

4. Address of the personal information collection and management unit of TROPICAL BEACH VILLAGE RESORT  HOIAN  CO., LTD.

Certificate of enterprise registration no. 4001011795 issued by Quang Nam Department of Planning and Investment on April 29, 2022
Address: Tan An Village, Binh Minh Commune, Thang Binh District, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam.
Phone number: + 84 235 3874 999 ; +84 911 889 558
Email: info@blisshoian.com

5.  Means and tools for you to access and edit your personal data.
You have the right to check, update, adjust or cancel your personal information by contacting the company's website management to do so.
You have the right to file a complaint about the leaking of personal information to the Board of Directors of the company's website. When receiving these feedbacks, the company will confirm the information, in case as reflected by you depending on the level, the company will take timely measures.

6. Committing to the security of customers
' personal information Your personal information on the website is committed to absolute confidentiality by the company in accordance with the company's personal information protection policy. The collection and use of each guest's information shall be carried out only with your consent except in other cases provided by law.
Do not use, do not transfer, provide or disclose to any third party your personal information without your consent.

In the event that the information storage server is hacked resulting in the loss of your personal data, the company will be responsible for notifying the investigating authorities of timely handling and notifying you.
The company's management requires individuals who register/purchase/use the service to provide all relevant personal information such as full name, contact address, email, telephone,...., and take responsibility for the legality of the above information. The management of the company is neither responsible nor resolves any complaints relating to your rights if it considers that all of your personal information provided at the initial registration is incorrect.

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