The traditional craft village is one of the rustic nostalgic beauties of Hoi An. Once you have visited this beautiful old town, you should take the time to explore.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village - Dubbed as the largest ceramic park in Vietnam with a large space, exhibitions of art works made of ceramic.

Kim Bong carpentry village in Hoi An is one of the famous names mentioned in carpentry. A place associated with the traditional values of the ancient land and its name engraved in the hearts of the people of the old town.


14:00: Car and tour guide pick you up at Hoi An Bliss Resort and depart for Hoi An

15h00: Stop at Hoi An Town. The first attraction is Thanh Ha pottery village, which was once forgotten, but thanks to the village elders, the unique pottery craft has gradually been restored.

You will admire the masterpieces of pottery and terracotta at the pottery village. You also have the opportunity to directly mold your own products under the guidance of artisans. Small gifts such as To he, terracotta animals, plates, etc. will be ceramic gifts for you to buy as gifts for relatives and friends.

In Thanh Ha pottery village, you stop to visit Thanh Ha Terracotta Park, admire the unique miniature world and pottery village museum. Art and sculpture work with unique and typical architecture are vividly reproduced such as Sydney Opera House, Pyramid, White House, etc.

16:30: Leaving the pottery village, you will visit Kim Bong carpentry village.

At Hoi An ferry, boarding on a boat, you’ll enjoy the cool air, admire the scenery on both banks of the Thu Bon River to move to Kim Bong carpentry village in Cam Kim commune. With their talents and skills, the artisans in the village make fine art wood carvings and sculptures. You are free to visit and shop for wooden products of the artisans or witness the process that they make.

17:00: You board on the boat back to the ferry pier. The car takes the visitors to the Silk Village eco-tourism area. This is a place to reproduce and perform intact mulberry cultivation, silkworm rearing, silk nursery, and silk weaving with the desire to honor the Vietnamese Craftsmanship. Moreover, Silk Village is also likened to a living museum about silkworm varieties, mulberry, and hand-woven silk weaving methods of the ancient Cham Pa dynasty - where the trading gateway helps Quang's silk to connect to the costume culture of the world.

Evening: Have dinner with Quang specialties such as banh xeo, Cao Lau, chicken rice, Quang noodles.... in a cozy space at Silk Village. If you come here on Saturday night, you can also admire the unique Cham dances by skilled dancers.

After dinner, the car will pick you up and take you to the old town. You start to enjoy the ancient space in Hoi An under the romantic lantern light. Walking on the streets, you will see hundreds of years old houses, Covered Bridge shimmering with water balls, participating in folk games such as huts, breaking pots... And don't forget to stop by the pretty little stalls on the side of the road or go through Nguyen Hoang night market to choose Hoi An souvenirs for relatives and friends.
It will be indispensable to fully enjoy Hoi An when you stop at the sidewalk stalls to enjoy delicious local snacks.

20:30: Return to the resort at the original pick-up point. End program, see you in the next trips.

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